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Real results from real clients. Let our patients tell you about the Body Hair Gone experience in their own words. 

We also have a 5-star rating on Google Reviews and Yelp.

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"​In an episode of $25,000 Pyramid years ago, one of the clues was "things you remove" and the contestant answered it correctly on the first try - unwanted hair. Obviously, the clue effectively captured how widespread the experience of unwanted hair is. If you share this feeling, Lucy Peters is the place to go to rid yourself of this annoyance. April Campo is a superbly skilled practitioner of electrolysis and the Lucy Peters method is scientifically validated to provide permanent hair removal. I highly recommend April and Lucy Peters. Do something nice for yourself and give it a try. You will wish that you had done this long ago!"

~Deborah L. Levy, Ph.D.

​“A friend recommended April at Lucy Peters in 2010 and I’m so glad she did!  I had been dealing with unwanted hair growth since I was in my teens.  I finally decided to do something for myself and give it a try.  From the beginning with the Consultation, April has always been so professional and knowledgable.  She’s also so nice and easy to be with.  This process really works!  April has cleared my bikini line, eyebrows and underarms  It’s truly permanently gone.  Now I am treating my 15 year old daughter to a smooth bikini. I’ve sent many friends to her too and have had great feedback from them as well.  You’ll be so glad you did this!”

~Wendy M.

​"I have been going to Lucy Peters on and off for 15 yrs because April is truly the best. I started with my brows back in the day and the results were so impressive I've since done underarms, bikini and legs. April is friendly, professional and knows her stuff. Highly recommend!"

~Lisa, via Yelp

"As a teen and young adult female I was embarrassed by dark facial hair. After plucking and bleaching for years, I finally sought permanent treatment from April Campo with Lucy Peters International. April was so professional and kind - she explained the physiology of hair growth and how the Smooth System worked, answered my many questions, and helped me feel empowered in my decision to fix this problem. She came highly trained, very experienced, and followed OSHA regulations, which gave me peace of mind. I was nervous about the hair growth required for each visit but found a way to camouflage it with makeup. Each treatment removed more and more hair until the hair was completely gone! Fifteen years later, I’m still thrilled with the results and have now come back for additional treatment on my eyebrows. It was so worth the time, effort and expense, and my only regret is not doing this sooner. I highly recommend April and this treatment!"

~Marthanna Donald via Google

Over the past decade, I have experienced several failed attempts to remove my unwanted facial hair. I have invested so much time and money into unsuccessful treatments. I tried hair removal creams and even consumed birth control pills to slow down the hair growth. I went to two laser hair removal clinics in which both led to poor results and burns on my face. I spent hours each week in front of my magnifying mirror trying to tweeze all of the hairs away. This led to ingrown hairs and irritated spots on my face. I would also shave my face in the shower just to achieve a quick fix. After all of these failed attempts I was starting to get extremely discouraged and accepted the fact that I would have to deal with this situation for the rest of my life. During my yearly check up with my gynecologist, I explained my frustration about the unwanted facial hair. She referred me to Lucy Peters International and I had no idea this recommendation would change my life forever. I immediately called and set up a consultation with April. During the consultation I was informed that I would have to grow out my facial hair in order for the Smooth System to work properly. I explained to her that I was unable to grow out my facial hair because I was still in college and it would interfere with my social life. However, I was extremely desperate and I knew I needed to make a drastic decision in order to receive successful results. I was actually shocked at how well I could hide the facial hair with my make up. After my first treatment with April and the Smooth System I immediately saw positive results! I started going once a month and I would look forward to receiving treatments. I would take before and after photos so I could see the outcome and continue to be optimistic. Receiving treatments from April with the Smooth System was one of the best investments I have ever made. It completely changed my life! It altered my everyday beauty routine and gave me my confidence back. I even recruited two of my family members who are now firm believers in the Smooth System. I highly recommend April Campo and her practice at Lucy Peters International. She is very personable, professional and always makes me feel comfortable. I am a walking advertisement that the Smooth System can permanently remove hair and change your life forever.

~prefers to remain anonymous 

"April Campo of Lucy Peters International is the go-to person for all of my unwanted hair needs.  She is fast, professional, and honest, and most of all, IT WORKS!; the hair was gone within the time frame she quoted at my initial consultation and has never returned.  No more embarrassing upper lip or chin hair and no more eyebrow tweezing! I also greatly appreciated that at the initial consultation April  took the time to educate me and answer ALL of my questions enabling me to come away with a thorough understanding of how it grows and recycles and why Lucy Peter's method is the ONLY form of hair removal that is permanent.  I am so grateful for April and the Lucy Peter's method."

~Nicole via Yelp

"April is the best.  Period.  I found my way to her after a not-so-good experience with another tech years ago.  I was trying to get rid of hair above the lip after getting tired of monthly waxing, creams, and threading.  It’s a sensitive area and it’s on your face (!), so you don’t want any mistakes that can leave you with hyper pigmentation, etc.  April was so different from the other tech I had worked with…knowledgeable, careful, professional, and easy to talk to.  I was so happy with the results that I signed up for more areas over time (brows, bikini, and legs) and am happy to remain clear today.  My daughter has a much heavier brow than I and it began to bother her in grade school when she was teased about it.  She wanted to get rid of the hair, but I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on her or begin a monthly waxing sentence, so I took her to April for a permanent, safe solution.  My daughter has been going to April to clear the center of her brow…she can choose to do more to shape them when she is older.  There is no one else I would trust to work with my young daughter.  Thanks April!"

~Laura C.

"Lucy Peters International is fantastic! I had two areas done 20 years ago and have never had hair grow back. Unlike some places, Lucy Peters uses a process that doesn't just 'soften hair' it completely removes it. Now that I am over 50 I need to have my upper lip done! Just left there today and so pleased to say...after ONE visit all the hair is gone. I'll go back in a few weeks for a touch up. If you are going for multiple treatments on the same area to get hair removed...your going to the wrong place! PLUS, my consultant April is still there and has over 20 years experience!"

~Heather P. via Google

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